Welcome To The Apostolic & Prophetic Destiny Solution Ministries



TAPDSMYou are in the realms of  The Apostolic and Prophetic Destiny Solution and Apocalypse Ministries of the seer advancing in the heartbeat of the Father in burning Love of God, revealing the last day Messages of apocalypse from the Father through core Destiny of Love and Wisdom in Christ Jesus(1 Cor.1:24-25).

The Apostolic & Prophetic Destiny Solution Ministries is raise to release the solution, mystery in love and wisdom to the Nations; (Eph.2:1-22) the Apostolic & Prophetic Destiny Ministries will enable you into His presence and for you to know God’s given prophetic destiny distinction on earth.

We are the Apostolic & Prophetic Destiny advance Messenger in apocalypses of the Father’s Wills in perspective move prophetic ministries of the last day Eph.3:1-21 We are the apostolic and prophetic voice in the destiny of the Church in the Father’s Plans and Wills of the last day for this generation to fulfilling the apostolic & prophetic destined of the Father in His move.

The Golden apocalypse Destined of the Seer is now display in Love, Wisdom, leadership, dignity, unicorn strength and Destiny fulfilling experience to make a pave in unify the genuine apostolic & prophetic calling to the universal school of the seer in the last day, you will be magnify and glorified in His genuine love, wisdom, faith anddestiny. True fulfilling power of the Scripture to find path in your journey to His glorious programmed.

The apostolic & prophetic impression will be see, acknowledge in the Father’s love, unique faith and wisdom and to give you genuine apostolic & prophetic experience as it will be demonstrate in pure love and wisdom to fulfill destiny in His obedient. This is seer apocalypse destiny for you.

This call is Destiny to a golden destined generation with apocalypses messages. The apostolic & prophetic core, apocalypses and solution of  golden destiny Church in the 21st century as prophetic perspective and prophetic people leading with His servant the prophet, this is the seer apocalyptic destiny on earth.

Our teaching, preaching and calling is based on the apostolic & prophetic (APOCALYPSE) Revelation given to us as the apostolic & prophetic solution body to the nations. (Joel 2). We are destiny to this prophetic pilgrim’s generation in the path of life. We see your inward Dreams, visions, inspirations, prophecies, songs and all other guide of the genuine gift of the move in the Holy Spirit in your personal life fulfilling as God ‘s  given destiny programmed by Him for the useful of timing generation in this 21st century. (1 Cor. 2: 5-7).

In this Apostolic & Prophetic Apocalypse Destiny Solution and seer Ministries, weunderstood the golden will and purposes in which you are called and chosen to be fulfill on earth in the destiny price paid by our Lord and Master King Jesus Christ for the hungry soul for His glory and for His presence. You are in the right place to serve and dwell at His bosom in your relevant manifesto in fulfilling the GOLDEN DESTINY you are called and chosen to be part at this timing agenda. Distinction will distinguish you as you obey the Senior Partner (Holy Spirit) in your life. Shalom!


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