(Land Of Canaan) Ori-Oke OluwaKemi Bus-Stop, Idi-Ota, Idi-Aba, Isalu Road, Sand Tipper Road, Off PowerLine, Owode Along Idiroko, Owode – Egbado, Yewa, Ogun State, Nigeria, P. O. BOX. 120, OTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA. AFRICA

Bio: The Apostolic And Prophetic Destiny Solution Ministries MorningStar Apostolic And Prophetic Church APOSTLE/PROPHET AKANBI JESU ADEKANBI MINISTRIES @SeerApocalypse @SeerAudacity @SeerDestiny @SeerFaith @SeerLeaderShip @SeerWisdom @Seer_Grace @SeerLove_ @SeerAkanbi @prophetAKANBI Apostle/Prophet Akanbi Jesu Adekanbi is ordained and called as a speaker for the unchangeable/ unstoppable Creator Almighty God of Bible the Lord of Host. He’s a worship leader, storyteller, poem writer, poem composer, singer/song writer and a prophetic voice of this present generation and nations. He’s apostolic and prophetic singing seer and apostolic teacher in the prophetic move of God, occasionally to local church, regional worship and ministries school of the upcoming seer (EagleStar Bible College of Seer & Prophets){prophet} of the end time. He operates in the panorama wisdom of prophetic solution. Anointed in creativity to the people, he is passionate about training and releasing the end time eagles with their unique stars through apostolic and prophetic mandate strength, he’s visionary, creative for mankind to discover their inner talent destined and power of their purpose in this world and in the world to come. He’s a prophetic historian continually re-digging the old wells of the biblical, word and recent history of the purpose of releasing the fresh healing oil of Yeshua for His Kingdom. Prophet Akanbi understood the role of the apostolic and prophetic perspective history of the Tabernacle in the central for all true worshippers, he also known the exploit of the Tabernacle of Mosaic, Samuel and the contrast to the Davidic glorious realms of Psalms. David and the rest of Psalmist understood the powerful realms and purpose presence of Almighty when true worshipper key into Angelic realms to descend healing and all needed gift of the Spirit. He and his companied friends through spiritual songs, prophesy into dry bones with apostolic anointed instruments. The vocabulary of the prophetic songs and apostolic prayers should be understood in this end time by true worshipping our Great Creator being called Yeshua! Maranatha Lord Yeshua!!! Shalom! http://www.SeerMinistries.com http://www.MorningStar.NG http://www.ApostleAkanbi.org

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